How Important is Website Development?

Anyone who is going to have a presence on the internet needs some type of website. There are many different versions. Quite often these versions are referred to as themes or templates.

These are commonly used by both professionals and novices.Then there are professionals who develop a site from scratch. – Meaning everything about the website is unique. There is no use of templates. The framework and everything else is developed by the web designer/developer.

There are many different components that make up website development. The two main categories are the frontend and the backend.

The frontend

The front end of your website is what your visitors are going to see. This is your presentation to them.

The backend

This is where all the work takes place. All of the changes, addition of content and images, as well as maintenance takes place here.

The web developer is responsible for both of these categories. What they do in the backend is going to have a direct effect on the frontend.

One of the starting points will be the framework and the layout of the site. This is the blueprint for the website. It dictates where the content and images will go.

Another important job that the web developer has is making sure that the site can be navigated properly. If a visitor can get not access to the various areas of a site easily, then they get frustrated and leave. The major search engines view this as a bounce rate. The search engines don’t like to see high bounce rates.

The web development has three major responsibilities:

  • To please the owner of the site
  • To be appealing to the visitors
  • To be appropriate and capable of meeting the search engine’s criteria

There are many common elements that are applicable to these three categories, but there are also some unique ones that apply to each one individually.